Oishi Technologies
Oishi Stainless from 4 Angles
The equipment to underpin reliable quality

Customers’ needs continue to diversify along with technological advancement in the stainless steel industry.
To be able to meet those needs, Oishi Stainless has put together an outstanding array of production equipment and technologies and has put in place systems capable of rapidly improving and complementing the full range of elements in our manufacturing processes.

Equipment introduction
The production systems to meet every need, from small to large lots
Benefits of
small lots
You can keep initial costs down and submit your orders after seeing the quality with your own eyes

You can submit your order after we produce a test piece, subject it to checking, and make improvements if needed.

Avoid the risk of surplus inventory

If you end up manufacturing inventory in large lots, you will need space to store that inventory.
Ordering in small lots enables you to maximize your production efficiency.

Speedy production across 6 linked production sites

At Oishi Stainless, we deliver orders and information reliably and speedily, from advice on material selection to part design, manufacture, testing, and certification by coordinating our production sites and departments.

  • Communication between processes, not companies, enables trouble-free information provision and stable quality.
  • Quality outcomes are visible immediately between processes, which makes quality optimization easier.
  • Enables sharing of past problem logs, making for an environment conducive to quality improvements.
  • Quality can be centrally controlled.
  • Advice on material selection

  • Drafting machined part blueprints

  • Optimal machining and manufacturing

  • Testing

  • Certification

Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes

At Oishi Stainless we make our production practices environmentally friendly by reducing the consumption of energy for manufacturing, reducing CO2, reducing waste, and reducing and controlling environmentally harmful substances.